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Design your China own tour with our help to meet your unique interest without any charge.
Danoe is one of the best guides I ever had in the time I travelled around the world for his excellent guide, euthusiasm and passion to service delivery. He was beyond expection for caring about our health and interest. He has shown a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm.
The driver Norbu was very cooperative and professional. The road condition was quite bad but that was for him to show his excellent skill.
We have known and gained a lot through the trip. Tibet people, culture, history...
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Escape from daily routing, reentry natural, trekking is an attitude towards life that for peace of mind.
Our carefully designed trekking tours will invite you to see China a different way. You may choose a tour tramping over hills and fields, across meadows, traversing jungles and turbulent rivers, through deep canyons and circuit lakes, trace age-old pathway, explore river and lake sources, get over hot desert, and to serene villages, view spectacular rice-fields, excursion old towns, re-discover desolate ruins and relics, or even trek on the mighty Great Wall.
With our sufficient experience and knowledge, we are very familiar with very single aspect of the trekking areas such as its landforms, climate, best time to travel, and local cultures and custom. We design a suitable itinerary for trekking and offer sound logistical support and excellent equipment.
The adventure and trekking participants are advocates, who "took nothing but pictures, left nothing but footprints". As a pioneer operator in adventure and trekking tours in China, we have been handling adventure and trekking tours since 1994, and can offer full-arrange logistic services. With long years of friendly collaboration with relevant organizations and affiliates, we can arrange you an exceptional, unparalleled travel experience. We are doing our endeavor to make a successful adventure tour and we strive for that!

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Adventure Tour across Northern Tibet Qiangtang to Kailash
Price: USD3214,-
Destination: Lhasa – Nam Tso - Serling Tso - Kanglung Tso – Nyima - Dangra Tso – Nyima – Dong Tso – Gertse - Gerkyi – Shiquanhe - Tsada – Tirthapuri – Darchen – Trekking around Kailash - Manasarowar – Paryang – Saga - Lhatse – Shigatse – Sahlu - Gyantse – Yamdrok - Lh
Length: 24 days
Trekking around Kailash
Price: USD2299,-
Destination: Lhasa – Yamdrok – Gyantse – Shigatse – Lhatse – Saga – Paryang – Manasarovar – Trekking around Kailash – Paryang – Saga – Shigatse – Lhasa
Length: 16 days
Trekking Tsurpu - Yangbajing
Price: USD1498,-
Destination: Lhasa – Tsetang – Lhasa - Yamdrok – Gyantse – Shigatse – Lhasa – Trekking from Tsurpu to Yangbajing - Lhasa
Length: 13 days
Trekking to Lakes in Desert Badain Jaran
Price: USD2058,-
Destination: Yinchuan – Helan Shan – Alanshan Zuoqi - Ejina Qi – Alanshan Geo National Park – Trekking in desert Badain Jaran - Alanshan Youqi – Wuwei - Tianzhu – Lanzhou
Length: 15 days
Overland Tour Tibet – Xinjiang with Trekking around Kailash
Price: USD3137,-
Destination: Lhasa – Yamdrok – Gyantse – Shigatse – Lhatse – Saga – Paryang – Manasarovar – Trekking around Kailash – Tirthapuri – Tsada - Shiquanhe - Bagong Tso – Domar - Hongliutan – Mazar - Yecheng – Kashgar
Length: 21 days
There are currently 5 matches.
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