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Self Drive Adventure with Own Vehicle across China
Self Drive by Rental Car in Western China
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Danoe is one of the best guides I ever had in the time I travelled around the world for his excellent guide, euthusiasm and passion to service delivery. He was beyond expection for caring about our health and interest. He has shown a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm.
The driver Norbu was very cooperative and professional. The road condition was quite bad but that was for him to show his excellent skill.
We have known and gained a lot through the trip. Tibet people, culture, history...
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Self Drive Adventure with Own Vehicle across China
Self Drive from Yunnan to Tibet
Self Drive from Silk Road to Tibet
Self Drive - Great Panorama of Silk Road and Tibet
Self Drive from South Xinjiang to West and South Tibet
Self Drive - Discover Northern and Southern Silk Road
Self Drive from South Xinjiang to Tibet and Yunnan
Self Drive from Laos across China to Mongolia
Self Drive from Nepal across China to Mongolia
Self Drive from Vietnam across China to Mongolia
Self Drive Trans-Yunnan
Self Drive Trans-Xinjiang
Self Drive from Nepal via Tibet and Yunnan to Laos
Self Drive along the G318 National Highway from Shanghai to Nepal
Self Drive from Pakistan via Xinjiang, Tibet and Yunnan to Laos
Self Drive from Inner Mongolia to Tibet
Self Drive from Vietnam via Yunnan and Tibet to Nepal
Self Drive from Tianjin to Tibet
Self Drive from Shanghai to Laos
Self Drive from Xinjiang along the Silk Road to Shanghai
Self Drive by Rental Car in Western China
Special Programs
Mountain Bike Tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu
Breathtaking is perhaps an understatement when describing this bike trip linking two of the world's most exotic capital cities. We will begin this odyssey after four days in Lhasa, which will enable you to acclimate and visit many of the city's beautiful temples and palaces. Monastery towns line our route as we travel westward parallel to the towering Himalayan Range, camping alongside nomads and their families. Through the course of our journey we will negotiate six high mountain passes, reaching elevations of almost 18,000 feet. An unforgettable descent will bring us from the rocky Tibetan Plateau down into the lush green landscape of Nepal.
Adventure Tour across Northern Tibet Qiangtang to Kailash
It is a spectacular journey to Northern Tibet Qiangtang and Kailash in Western Tibet. Northern Tibet Qiangtang is so-called unmanned zone, it's paradise for wild animals and birds, such as Tibetan antelope, black neck crane, etc. The Northern Tibet Lake region is the densest one in China, mostly salt-water lakes with colorful water. It's much different from other areas in Tibet, since the oldest spiritual tradition of Tibet-Bon religion originates and passes on to generations from here. We'll worship Dangra Tso, the holy lake of Bon religion. We drive by 4WD vehicle across Northern Tibet Qiangtangand reach Shiquanhe and turn southwards along Xinjiang-Tibet Highway to Tsada to visit the ruins of the Guge Kingdom, then we drive to Kailash (6.714 m) which is regard as "center of the world" by Hinduism and Buddhism. We get across the 5.600 m high Doelma La (La=Pass), decorated with fluttering prayer flags and mani stones, we trek around the snow-crowned dome of the glacier mountain along the pilgrimage path in three days. After the trekking we visit Manasarovar - the holiest lake in Tibet. Afterwards drive along the south route to Lhasa.
Discovery Tour during Tibetan New Year Losar in Tongren and Xiahe 2011
Monlam, also known as a prayer meeting (Smon-lam-chen-mo), is an extremely grand holyday in Tibetan area during the Spring Festival. Initially, back to 1409, Tsongkhapa – founder of Gelug Sect – organized a prayer meeting at Jokhang Temple. Thousands of monks gathered together for the praying and sutra-debate here. As the days go by, the followers from all directions are in an endless stream to join in the spectacular pageant. "Monlam Tour" will offer you a rare opportunity to participate in the splendid celebration with the numerous followers and the pilgrims, and experience the various sorts of rituals performed at different temples in East Tibetan cultural center Amdo in Tongren and Xiahe. The highlight of the ceremony is thangka exposure. Ensuing along the hill, the marvelous jumbo thangka is 90 feet by 60 feet, showing to pray to the Buddha for blessings. All Kinds of vivid and vigorous mask dances and pray ceremonies will run through the whole Losar (Tibetan New Year) for two weeks.
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