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Mountain Bike Tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu
Discovery Tour during Tibetan New Year Losar in Tongren and Xiahe 2011
Adventure Tour across Northern Tibet Qiangtang to Kailash
Trekking around Kailash
From Central Tibet to Everest Base Camp
Anhui White House Golf Club
Anhui Huangshan Pine Golf & Country Club
Anhui Hefei Zipeng Bay International Golf Club
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Aksu (1)
Landscape of Baihaba (8)
Swan Lake of  Bayinbuluke (3)
Bizklik 1000-Buddha-Caves (5)
Bostan Lake (3)
Emin Minarett (2)
Irtysh River (E’erqisi He) (5)
Flame Mountain (6)
Gaochang Ruin (6)
Gongur Peak (1)
Turfan Grape Valley (8)
Heaven Lake in Tianshan Mountain (3)
Landscape of Hemu (14)
Jiaohe Ruin (9)
Landscape of Kanasi (22)
Qanats (Kareez) Water Management System (2)
Apkhoja Tomb (4)
Kashgar Mosque (1)
Filature in Khotan (2)
Korla (1)
Five-Color-Valley in Kuitun (10)
Local People and Life in Xinjiang (67)
Mustagh Ata Mountain and Kalakuli Lake (7)
Demon City in Qitai (15)
Sailimu Lake (9)
Subashi Ancient City (8)
Festival in Taxkorgan (2)
Stone City in Taxkorgan (7)
Nanati Grassland of Yining (14)
Mystic Great Valley of Tianshan Mountain (3)
Grassland of Tianshan Mountain (1)
Yusup Has Hajip Tomb (2)
Kizil 1000-Buddha-Caves (5)
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