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Mountain Bike Tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu
Discovery Tour during Tibetan New Year Losar in Tongren and Xiahe 2011
Adventure Tour across Northern Tibet Qiangtang to Kailash
Trekking around Kailash
From Central Tibet to Everest Base Camp
Anhui White House Golf Club
Anhui Huangshan Pine Golf & Country Club
Anhui Hefei Zipeng Bay International Golf Club
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Gaomiao Temple (6)
Baisikou Double  Pagoda in Helanshan Mountain (1)
Stone Iinscription in Helanshan Mountain (4)
Nanguan Mosque (1)
Qingtongxia 108 Pagodas (2)
Shahu Lake (4)
Shapotou Park by Huanghe (Yellow River) (2)
Tonggui Mosque by Huanghe (Yellow River) (1)
Tonghu Grassland (1)
Tongxin Mosque (1)
Imperial Tombs of Western Xia (5)
West Lake (Xihu) in Yinchuan (1)
Pavilion of Jade Emperor (Yuhuang Ge) (1)
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