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Huaxi Hotel Tunxi
Address: No.1 Xizhen Street

▲Brief Introduction

Huaxi Hotel is a sino-foreign joint venture, invested by PICC. It enjoys a very good location. The spectacular Huangshan, listed as the UNESCO cultural and natural heritage site, is only one-hour drive north. The picturesque Xin'an River is just flowing by the hotel.It enjoys a elegant quietness downtown as well as an easy transportation. Walking out of the hotel, you will cross the 500-year old bridge and come to the attractive old street. It is only 1.5 away from the center of downtown, 5km away from the railway station, 6km away from the airport.The proximity to transportation and shopping centers make Huaxi Hotel an ideal choice of accommodation.

The main building of Huaxi Hotel owns total 198 rooms, which consists of standard guestroom, single-room and suite, it newly founded building owns 86 guesttooms, 2 deluxe presidential suites, international conference hall, sauna, bweling gym, besuty and commercial centre. The hotel is equipped with central air-conditioning and heating, satellite TV, programe-controlled telephone, automatic elevator, internet etc. In addition the hotel awaits you with disco entertainment and businness centre, beauty and massage service, Anhui cuisine specially created by the master chef.

To meet the needs of the international tourist, Huaxi Hotel has decicated an international conference center including different conference rooms holding 900 people at one time. Each room is equipped with multi-media computers, projectors and a simultaneous interpretation system. The cloakroom, coffee room and smoking lounge are also close at hand. Being such an ideal site for conferences, it has hosted many national and international conferences such as the international Atomic Energy Conference, The international Environment Protection Conference and the International Meteorology Conference.

Since its establishment, it has recepted Singapore orignal premier Mr. Li Guangyao and his wife, Tailand Queen Sister and Vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Ren Gianxin etc.

Literally, Huaxi means "Flower" and "stream". The name comes from the first word of the two lines of one poem:"The flower attracts guests beyond the clouds, the stream welcomes fairies from the moon". The hotel is an ideal place for tour, business and conference, the staff would wish to serve you and make your stay happy.


Huaxi Hotel Tunxi / 黄山市屯溪区花溪饭店
No.1 Xizhen Street / 西镇街1号
Tel: 0086-559-2328000
Fax: 0086-559-2514990

Tel: 0086-28-85540220 Fax: 0086-28-85541221 Email:
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