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Jiumuyamei International Hotel Shigatse
Address: No.3. Nianhe Beilu

▲Brief Introduction

The Shigatse Jiumuyamei International Hotel is located at No.3, Nian He North Road, Shigatse (it is the only hotel which is closely embracing the Pearl Lake). The hotel is encircled by beautiful scenery, centered between breathtaking mountains and river, bestowing the hotel an imposing view. Being situated in front of the legendary Tashilhungpo Monastery, where the great Master Panchen lives, and overlooking the serene Pearl Lake, bequeath the hotel an air of holiness and clarity, impelling the radiance of life. The Shigatse Jiumuyamei International Hotel ltd. had invested 300millions to construct the four-star hotel according to the standards of of China. The hotel was built with a charismatic blend of some European aspects, Chinese characteristics, as well as some late Tibetan culture element, which evidently display the dignity, comfort, and uniqueness of the hotel. Presently, it is the only four-star hotel with centralized air conditioning in Shigatse. It stands out as a true four-star hotel which bring about the newest management system and most advanced service concept of modern hotels.

The Jiumuyamei International hotel occupies 10000 square meters of floor space, with a four storeys high main building, facing southeast. Jiumuyamei International hotel possesses a distinctive, magnificent and glorious 800 square meters lobby, which is also the largest and most luxury lobby in Shigatse. At the left of the lobby is a shopping center which comprises all kinds of adornments which symbolized for the customs of Tibet, and the Nation articles of handicraft arts. One must also not miss out the comfortable Oxygen Bar, which pledges to offer honorable service quality, so that customers get to enjoy a blissful journey. Other than that, the hotel has an infirmary which provides meticulous health services for you, day and night. At the right of the lobby is the business center which offers: assorted ticket businesses, facsimile, E-mail, online services, mailing services, travelling information services, and so forth.

Jiumuyamei International hotel offers various types of businesses, among them there are five main departments, which include Room Services, Food and beverage, Tea house, Café bar, and Entertainment. The whole hotel management comprises seven departments and an office, which work closely together to ensure first class services are provided to the patrons. The hotel initially has 96 rooms of various categories. Every corners of the rooms, no matter from the floor space to the amenities in the room, or from the decoration of the bed to the bathroom, also illustrates a simple, delicate, comfortable and warm ambiance. The hotel also has eleven luxurious dining rooms and a rest area are here to offer you and your family an opportunity to savor delicious cuisines of all kinds in a comfortable and blissful environment. (All the dining rooms are named after the prominent counties or mountains of China). Other than that, the hotel also has a tea house, which embrace a rich blend of the art of tea, sado and entertainment. This tea house consists of 8 independent compartments and a lobby. (All the independent compartments are named after well-known lakes or mountains of China) This is a great place for you to enjoy tea amidst a tranquil and relaxed environment.

Jiumuyamei International hotel not only provides the best facilities, but also specially hired experts from the best professional designer firm of Chengdu to design the blueprint of the hotel, from the large-scale parking lot, electric elevator, optical fiber to the closed-circuit television(CCTV), IDD, DDD international and domestic long distance telephone, laundry room, to the centralized air conditioner and ground heating, so that the hotel can provide the most ideal and benevolent services for patrons coming from all over the world, anytime, anywhere.

Jiumuyamei International Hotel Shigatse / 日喀则久木亚美国际大酒店
No.3. Nianhe Beilu / 年河北路3号
Tel: 0086-892-8838088
Fax: 0086-892-8839555

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