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Dhood Gu Hotel Lhasa
Address: No.19 Shasarsu Road, Trom Si Khang

▲Brief Introduction

Dhood Gu Hotel is foreign joined venture hotel. It is constructed in 2000 and total build up area is about 3580 square meter. The floor space is about 1500 square meter.

Dhood Gu Hotel located at Shasaru Road, Trom Si Khang which is a heart of Lhasa city. The traffic is convenient for tourism, guest and business man. On the south is 100 meter from Jokhang and on the north is 300 meter from Ramoche. This is all scenic sport and historical side.

Dhood Gu Hotel best choice, it have a different feel and any other hotel. It is fully decorated by the typical Tibetan styles. We have a comfortable elegance and first rate facilities are installed in all room Such as air-condition. TV, LDD, 24 hours hot-water services.

The Dhood Gu Hotel also offered a wide rang of services and extensive facilities such as Tibetan restaurant, western restaurant, coffee shop, roof-top bar, business center, bakery shop, E-mail (plus hotmail).

The Dhood Gu Hotel will let you satisfied by offering different styles and specialties Tibetan decorated the Dhood Gu Hotel will let you satisfied by the best environment and perfect facilities excellent services. We all staff of the Dhood Gu Hotel Look forwards to serving you.

Dhood Gu Hotel Lhasa / 敦固宾馆
No.19 Shasarsu Road, Trom Si Khang / 冲赛康复萨苏路19号
Tel: 0086-891-6322555 / 6346910
Fax: 0086-891-6323555

Tel: 0086-28-85540220 Fax: 0086-28-85541221 Email:
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